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I have been a client of transforming therapies for a long period. The reason I come back is because Maggie Flints therapies are transformational. My mental and physical health is vastly improved. I am managing my weight, alcohol intake and have increased confidence levels. I have done things in life I wouldn't have imagined pre therapy. It is all magical and very relaxing. I wholeheartedly recommend anyone stepping onboard this therapy journey with Maggie as your tour guide you will go far.

Amander Wellings


“ I have worked with Maggie for over 6 years and firmly believe In the benefits of elybra in supporting my physical health as well as equally importantly my mental health. As a former cancer patient these treatments have allowed me to adjust to my bodies needs as and when change is required. I wholeheartedly recommend Maggie and her work”.

Graham Tuttle


I have known Maggie from Transforming Therapies for many years and she is an inspirational, caring therapist. Her knowledge and experience is endless and I recommend her highly. I am a devotee of the E – LYBRA bio– resonance system, which is really transformational. This amazing treatment is a bespoke formula to each client and tailored to their individual needs. Whatever your requirements, Maggie has the answer!

Joanne Bull


After a consultation with Maggie and having my questions answered. I started using the Elybra bio resonance system in December 2019. The treatment has stabilised my anxiety and now 9 months on I feel calmer and more confident and can honestly say the Elybra bio resonance system has been better than any treatments previously tried.

John Stirling


Maggie is a gift to all of us on Earth at this time. She is a powerful channel of energy which raises our frequency and brings healing to all life. An opportunity to experience her Reiki healing and attend one of her innovative cookery workshops is not to be missed. Thank you, Maggie.

Cynthhia Holden



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