You are the most important person in your Reiki treatment, so it is important you feel confident in the relationship you have with your choice of practitioner. The practitioner creates the space for your healing to take place, it is your openness in receiving Reiki that influences its effect in clearing blockages leading to the restoration of balance.

Being informed and prepared will support the process of your treatment and any preparations will be determined during your initial consultation so that your personal situation is taken into account; every individual has different needs, so it will be your needs being addressed. Any questions, concerns, or interest you have about Reiki or about how I work, or my qualifications may be asked openly so you can make an informed choice before proceeding with Reiki treatments.

Receiving Reiki is mostly referred to as a very pleasant, gentle, and non-invasive experience with sessions lasting between 60-90 minutes. Reiki may be performed in a personal private session or can be sent remotely with the aid of a photo and you may receive your Reiki in a position of either laying or seated, whichever will be most comfortable. Remote sessions are scheduled for consultation and so that Reiki is sent and received by the client at the allotted time.

The follow up discussion at the end of a session may provide recommendations or advice to support your ongoing self-development at home and between sessions. Self-care is compassion for the soul and leads towards personal self-empowerment and being strong in your own space.

Reiki can be a potent force of healing that works via the unseen energy that  flows through all things and has evolved from ancient techniques  and wisdom of past cultural practices and the potential ability to help improve the quality of the life and health of anyone or anything.